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Introduction of the Certificate and University of Illinois

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Certificate of Professional Development through Useractive, and enhance your Information Technology career. The University of Illinois is one of the top five computer and engineering schools in the U.S.

According to a recent USA TODAY poll of 104 corporations, Web Site Engineers/Programmers start at an average annual salary of $62,800. The demand for people with web programming and development skills is increasing world wide as the economy shifts to e-commerce.

To start or advance a career in Web Programming and Engineering it is essential that you have high quality training and proper certification from a well respected institution. The University of Illinois is one of the leading high technology institutions in the world (the worlds first Web browser was developed there).

Our certificate courses are led and monitored by highly trained instructors. The course materials, advanced learning environment, communication and development tools are all contained within "browserware" web pages to ensure ease of learning, as well as no additional or peripheral costs for learning beyond your tuition and lab fee.

The six course sequence covers the essentials and techniques and of both client and server side programming including HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CGI and PERL, and Unix. The course sequence is designed not only to help you learn fast and effectively online, but also to help you build your web programming portfolio.

To complete this Certificate Series, you do not need to travel anywhere or attend any classes. You can learn from home, work, vacation, or wherever you are. All you need is a computer, a good Internet connection, and a desire to learn.


Useractive Overview

Useractive provides courses, tools, and technologies which use and support the Guided Proactive Discovery learning methodology. The Learning Sandbox enables Guided Proactive Discovery by providing the accessibility and convenience of online instruction with the effectiveness of hands-on lab tools and personal coaching.

All Useractive courses earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the University of Illinois (one of the top 5 engineering schools in the US) .

Completing selected sequences of courses earns University of Illinois Certificates of Professional Development.
Useractive's courses are delivered in the IT Learning Sandbox which merges online content with a real lab environment in a single web browser interface where users learn by doing.

Course Categories

Web Programming Certificate Series - Earn a Certificate of Professional Development in Web Programming from the University of Illinois--from the comfort of your own computer! Courses include HTML, Javascript, Dynamic HTML, CGI with Perl, SQL Databasing, and Unix.

Databasing for the web - Learn techniques of CGI with Perl, Unix for web programming & SQL databasing.

Unix System Administration Certificate Series - NEW!! - Completion of this 4 course series not only prepares students for a career in System Administration but also earns them a Linux/Unix System Administration Certificate from the University of Illinois, one of the premier Universities in the world.

Java - Java is a widespread and powerful object-oriented programming language used to create networking applications in nearly every niche of the Information Technology landscape.

C and C++ - Learn the fundamentals as well as the techniques you need to be a C and C++ programmer. - coming soon .

Server Parsed Languages for the Web. - PHP is available. ASP, ColdFusion, etc. - coming soon.

XML for the Internet - Learn the basics of XML so you can build powerful XML-enabled web applications.

VBScript - Learn the fundamental concepts of the VBScript programming language, used industry wide for many applications including: ASP (web-development), Microsoft Windows system administration, etc.