IT On Line Course -Java

Prerequisites: None
CEUs: 6

Topics: Classes, Objects, instantiation, extending classes, Variables, Static Variables, Static Methods, Arrays, Abstract classes, Interfaces

Description: Java is a widespread and powerful object-oriented programming language used to create networking applications in nearly every niche of the Information Technology landscape.

In this Useractive course, students are exposed to the basic concepts of Java, fundamental syntax, and the thought processes behind true object-oriented programming. Completion of this course gives students the tools and basic knowledge they need to learn more advanced Java concepts.

Unlike other beginning courses on Java, this course introduces students to Java by building Java applets in the Learning Sandbox. This gives students the chance to experience Java concepts graphically. Students build their own Applets in the Learning Sandbox from beginning to end. A personal coach will help students through difficulties and provide insight and encouragement throughout.

Java Lab 1 -- Introduction
Using CodeRunner
What Is Java
Compiling Programs

Java Lab 2 -- Java Objects
Composition of a Class
Relationship between Classes and Objects
Beginning Inheritance
Structure of Applets

Java Lab 3 -- More on Objects
Constructor Over--riding

Java Lab 4 -- Variables
Native Data Types
Accessing Variables from other Objects

Java Lab 5 -- More on Variables
Access Modifier Keywords
Static (Class) Variables
Final Variables

Java Lab 6 -- Methods
Using Methods
Returning Values
Passing Parameters
Static (Class) Methods

Java Lab 7 -- The Java API
Exploring the Java API

Java Lab 8 -- Control Structures -- Loops
While Loops
For Loops

Java Lab 9 -- Control Structures -- If Conditionals!
IF Statements
Decision Making

Java Lab 10 -- Operators
Unary, Binary, and Comparison Operators

Java Lab 11 -- Data--Typing and Conversion
Converting data to Strings
Converting between Data Types
Using API methods and Objects for Data conversion

Java Lab 12 -- Object Arrays
Using Arrays to store multiple values/objects

Java Lab 13 -- Advanced Object Orientation Part I -- OO Design
Using Inheritance to manipulate objects of similar types
OO Design techniques

Java Lab 14 -- Advanced Object Orientation Part II -- Abstracts
Abstract Classes and Inheritance
OO Design techniques

Java Lab 15 -- Advanced Object Orientation Part III -- Interfaces
Interfaces and Inheritance
Using Interfaces in conjunction with Abstract classes
OO Design techniques