IT On Line Course ->PHP Server Side Programming


HTML programming and SQL Databasing.


Variables, Hashes, Arrays, Operators, Environment Variables, Passing Variables, HTML Forms, Control Structures, SQL Databasing

PHP hypertext preprocessor, is a server side programming language which you embed into documents such as your HTML files. The HTML files which may contain DHTML, JavaScript, and Java are client side documents. PHP unlike HTML and other client side documents is great for creating pages on the fly. PHP can be used to make guestbooks, message boards, and other interactive pages.

In this course, students will learn the programming aspect of PHP. They will learn about variables, operators, hashes, arrays, control structures and more. Then they will proceed to work on PHP projects, testing their PHP skills.

From beginning to end, participants will learn by doing their own PHP based projects. These projects, as well as the final project, will add to the students portfolio and will contribute to their certificate completion.
Syllabus: PHP Lab 1 -- Introduction
What is PHP?
Why use PHP?
Why Should I Learn PHP?

PHP Lab 2 -- Quick Overview of PHP
Brief Info on Color Coding
How PHP Works
More PHP Examples

PHP Lab 3 -- Variables and Operators
What is a Variable?
Variables in PHP
Operators in PHP
Nesting Variable Names

PHP Lab 4 -- Hashes and Arrays
What are Arrays?
Creating an Array
What are Hashes?
Creating Multi-Dimensional Arrays and Hashes

PHP Lab 5 -- Environment Variables
Listing of PHP Info

PHP Lab 6 -- Forms and Query String
How to Read Form Inputs (GET METHOD)
How to Read Form Inputs (POST METHOD)
Differences Between GET and POST Method

PHP Lab 7 -- Conditional Statements and Control Structures
What are Conditional Statements and Control Structures?
IF Control Structure
Conditional Statements
IF and ELSE Control Structure
IF, ELSEIF and ELSE Control Structure
Logical Operators
SWITCH Statements

PHP Lab 8 -- More Control Structures
Concept of Loops
DO ... WHILE Loops
FOR Loops

PHP Lab 9 -- Short PHP Projects
Checkboard in PHP
Browser Detection with PHP

PHP Lab 10 -- PHP Functions and Variable Scopes
What is a Function?
Function Parameters
Return Values of a Function
Variable Scope

PHP Lab 11 -- Quick SQL Tutorial
PHP with SQL
Brief Introduction to SQL
Getting Familiar with MySQL Environment
MySQL Syntax

PHP Lab 12 -- Basic SQL Syntax
Brief SQL Overview
Creating Tables
Inserting Values into Tables
Retrieving Data from Tables
Further Study on Insert
Exploring the Select Keyword


PHP Lab 13 -- PHP/SQL Project Part 1
What's Our Project Going to Be?
Setting Up Database
Creating the HTML Form for Voting
Creating the PHP Script to Store Data into Database

PHP Lab 14 -- PHP/SQL Project Part 2
Update On Our Project
Editing Vote.html to Display Results
Explanation of Changes in Vote.html
Creating an Image With PHP
Explanation of PHP GD Functions
ImageFilledRectangle() and ImageRectangle()
Slight Problems With Image Creation