IT On Line Course ->VBScript


Prerequisites: Solid foundation in HTML coding.

Topics: Scripting, Objects, Functions, Properties, Methods, Arrays, Operators, and more.

Microsoft's answer to JavaScript, VBScript offers Web programmers the ability to add powerful scripting capability to their website for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Bringing some of the power of Microsoft Visual Basic to embedded scripting, VBScript is a powerful tool in the hands of a Microsoft-oriented Web developer.

Students in this course will learn the fundamental concepts of the VBScript programming language. VBScript is used industry wide for many applications including: ASP (web-development), Microsoft Windows system administration, etc.

Additionally, VBScript students learn many of the fundamentals necesary for programming in the more powerful Visual Basic language.
Syllabus: JS Lab1: Introduction

VBScript Lab 2: Learn how VBScript differs from Visual Basic

VBScript Lab 3: Recycling VBScript

VBScript Lab 4: Learn about Event Handlers

VBScript Lab 5: Beginning Scripting and Objects

VBScript Lab 6: More Objects and Methods

VBScript Lab 7: More on Variables

VBScript Lab 8: Operators, Variable Conversion, and String Manipulation

VBScript Lab 9: Methods

VBScript Lab 10: Object Summary

VBScript Lab 11: Object Heirarchy

VBScript Lab 12: Procedures

VBScript Lab 13: Rollover Buttons

VBScript Lab 14: Managing Windows and Frames

VBScript Lab 15: The IF Statement

VBScript Lab 16: FOR and WHILE loops

VBScript Lab 17: Object Collections

VBScript Lab 18: User Defined Collections

VBScript Lab 19: Application Development

VBScript Lab 20: Final Project