Design-Your-Own-Program (DYO)

Length: 10-week
Hours per week: 12-30
Total class hours per session: Vary
Days per week: Vary
Average class size: Varies
When is it offered? Year-round
Required proficiency:

Advanced-English language fluency at 500 TOEFL or equivalent
Minimun Age: 17

Transferable undergraduate and University of California credit and/or University Extension credit

Flexible program designed to meet individual needs. Students may choose any combination of Intensive English classes, Extension classes and UCR classes (except during summer). Program is offered in 10-week sessions throughout the year.

Students must satisfy minimum F-1 requirements but may take as many courses as they wish. The $2300 tuition includes Intensive English classes, UCR classes, all non-computer Extension classes, and one Extension class held in a computer lab. Any additional Extension class held in a computer lab must be paid for separately. Space may be limited in certain classes. Please inquire.

All participants must take a placement test on Registration Day in order to demonstrate the required advanced English proficiency. If your test results show high intermediate or lower proficiency, we will advise you to take the Intensive English Program instead.

DYO students may enroll in long-term programs.

Students interested in UCR classes during the summer quarter must enroll in the Summer Sessions program because they are not available through DYO.

Curriculum during fall, winter and spring

Fall-Winter-Spring Summer
  Any combination of:   Any combination of:
Intensive English language classes Intensive English language classes
University Extension non-computer classes University Extension non-computer classes
UC Riverside campus undergraduate classes One University Extension class held in a computer lab*

UCR graduate classes(must have a Bachelor's degree)    

One University Extension class held in a computer lab*    

*Students may also take additional University Extension classes held in a computer lab, but they must pay separately for these classes.