English for International Business

Length: 10- and 4- week
Hours per week: 24-32
Total class hours per session: 240+ (10-week)
96+ (4-week)
Days per week: 5
Average class size: 15
When is it offered?

10-week program: Year-round
4-week program: January, April, August, October
Required proficiency: Advanced
Minimun Age: 17

Business field trips
Additional computer laboratory hours

Extra campus class or Extension class in management (10-week session) (Extension classes available year-round; degree classes available in fall, winter and spring only.)
Private or group conversational partner at no additional cost (10-week session)
Undergraduate, transferable University of California credit (10-week session)
Institutional TOEFL & TOEIC exams offered every quarter
  Participants learn basic American business practices and acquire English language skills for use in an academic or professional setting. Program is offered in 4-week and 10-week sessions. Advanced English language skills required.

All participants must take a placement test on Registration Day in order to demonstrate the required advanced English proficiency. If your test results show high intermediate or lower proficiency, we will advise you to take the Intensive English Program instead.

  Business Writing and Grammar
  Business Reading, Culture and Idioms
  Business Practice/Case Studies
  Introduction to Computers
  Business Videos and Trips to Local Businesses