Long-Term Certificate & Diploma Programs

In addition to the intensive certificate and diploma programs, long-term certificate and diploma programs are offered by UCR Extension academic departments in a wide variety of fields and are open to international participants.

These programs are designed primarily for a domestic audience, so duration varies from six months to two years, and classes are usually in the evenings. Programs are taught by professionals in the field.

Participants may take IEP classes or UCR campus classes during the day at no extra charge.

Knowledge of English language equivalent to 500 TOEFL score or placement in 500/600 level ESL required.

Enrollment in long-term certificate and diploma programs is through DYO.

The following is a partial list of certificate programs offered:

Landscape Management
Turfgrass Management

Arts and Humanities
Computer Graphic Design
Interior Design

Computer Studies and Information Systems
Computer Applications Specialist
Geographic Information Systems
Oracle Database Administration
UNIX Systems

Conflict Resolution for Educational Environments
Education for the Gifted and Talented Educational Facilities Planning
Early Childhood Studies
Educational Technology

Environmental Management and Energy
Air Quality Management
Environmental Auditing
Hasardous Materials Management
Land Use and Environmental Planning

Health and Behavioral Sciences
Medical Procedure Coding

Logistics Management
Management - Graduate Level
Marketing Management
Production and Inventory Management
Project Management
Production and Inventory Management
Project Management
Risk Management
Supervisory Excellence
Total Quality Management

Public Safety and Scientific Investigations
Crime and Intelligence Analysis
Traffic Accident reconstruction